My name is PWJazy, which means Peace World and my name (Jon) mixed with Crazy which equals PWJazy (Pronounced PWJaizy). I am a solo male Musician/Producer and I play mainly Alternative/Pop musical genre  but I also play many genres of music. From Orchestra to Rock to Pop to Opera and many more songs that are very different and Unique all mixed with up with my own style of music. I am under the Big Noise artist roster. I create music to help, encourage and give hope to everyone in the World. I have been on the Grammy Awards Ballot for Best Rock Performance, Best Alternative Music Album and Record Of The Year (I was not a Final 5 Nominee). I have created one of my best songs with Loren Israel, a well known Producer. The song that I created with him (What's Inside of You Is) is licensed with Spidercues Entertainment. Spidercues Entertainment is a big movie catalogue company that works with the entertainment/Movie industry.  One of my albums, 'Worlds Music' is associated with Bentley Records. I am a strong supporter of the Mentally ill as I am associated with the community. I have performed at shows, I have created music videos, I have had other accomplishments and more. I have been creating music for about  11 years. I have spoken with a lot of people and companies in the Music Industry. I have learned a lot and completely intensified/character the sound of my music. I play for you, the World, my Fans. End racism. You are why I am here. Peace, God Bless and World Unity! FOLLOW ME !!!!!

Grammy Awards

I have been placed on the Grammy Awards Ballot several times in the different categories. Although I did not make it to the Final 5 Nominee category I did pass through the voting process before the Final 5 Nominee category.

  I qualified for Best Rock Performance, Best Alternative Album and Album Of The Year.  I was placed on the 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 61st, 62nd, 63rd and 64th Grammy Awards Ballot