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PWJazy - PWJazy is a solo male Musician/Producer

PWJazy (Pronounced PWJaizy)  is a talented solo musician who wants to 
help the world
through his music. He has multiple genres of music. I started out in 2012 & then I was contacted by Big Noise with an offer. I am under the 'Big Noise' Artist roster. I have been contacted by Jason Flom of Lava Records regarding 2 of my songs but that did not work out. I have qualified on the upcoming100 Emerging artist chart. I also have qualified for a Coast2Coast mixtape event in Los Angeles CA where I performed in front of three judges. I have my own technique & create everything from the spirit, heart & mind. I am self taught with music. I am naturally talented with the guitar & have vocals that shake the roof. I create songs that have World inspirational lyrics. I have been on the Grammy Awards Ballot, for Best Rock Performance, 4 years in a row, 2 songs each year. For the 61st Grammy Awards, I was on the Ballot for Best Alternative Music Album and 2 songs for Best Rock Performance. I was not a final 5 nominee. I play for all of you. I am here because of you. The World is rising! Music is Rising! I truly hope that you enjoy listening to my music. Peace, World Unity, Freedom and God Bless!!